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Corporal J Jenkinson


Harrogate Herald  9th January 1918

Corporal J Jenkinson writes : 

I have just returned from hospital after having an attack of malaria, so have not been in humour for writing. I have not been getting the Herald whilst in hospital, but now I am pleased to say have started getting it regularly again. It is a pleasure to be able to read something about the old place I am longing to see. Sometimes I have the feeling that I shall soon be back. I see in the Herald there are a few chaps out here, but it does not seem to be my luck to come across anyone I know. There is a chum of mine in our own battalion, and somehow we never seem to get together, as he belongs to another company. His name is Turner, whose home is at Bilton. I saw his mother was inquiring about him sometime ago, but I expect by now she has heard from him. Even thought the Italians had a set-back, we seem to be still making good progress in France and Palestine, which helps us to forget about the Italian reverse. Thanking you for the Herald and wishing you a merry Xmas.


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