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Private J Jenkinson


Harrogate Herald  3rd January 1917

J Jenkinson writes in optimistic vein as follows : 

Dear Mr Breare, I am writing these few lines to thank you for sending me the Herald so regularly. It is grand to be able to read about the Harrogate fellows I used to know when working there. I am sorry to hear of so many of them being killed and wounded, but it shows they are true Englishmen and not afraid to do their bit for the country we are all so proud of. Out here we get very little war news, but all the same, I for one still believe in the old country and feel sure that in the end we shall come out on top. At present we are not busy fighting, but on our right and left guns have never ceased for days and nights, so I am hoping to hear some good news concerning this firing. We have heard lots of rumours concerning Athens, but up to the present have heard nothing official. It is cheering out here to hear of the splendid way in which our boys have won victories in France, and even though I am wishing the war was over, same as thousands more), I am pleased to say I belong to the British Army. I might have been among the Harrogate boys in France, but was refused for service at the time this battalion was formed. Consequently I joined the NE Railway Battalion, finally getting sent out to this country to join the Northumberland Fusiliers, which is a regular battalion. I hear you have had snow in England, but up to now we have not had any out here. At present the weather is just like summer except for rain coming and spoiling it too often. I should like a mouth organ sending out if you have one to spare, as we never hear a bit of music of any description. I must draw this letter to a close now, wishing you a happy Xmas and the Herald a success.--


Harrogate Herald - 27th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Private J Jenkinson (Northumberland Fusiliers) has been wounded in the arm, and is now in Middlesex Hospital, St Albans. He is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs John Jenkinson, caretakers Harlow Cemetery, and husband of Lilian Jenkinson, Quarry House, Harlow Hill, Harrogate.


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