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Private Silas Harris Jennings


Harrogate Herald 30th May 1917

Photo Page

Missing - Private S H Jennings, [Silas H Jennings, 22 Chestnut Grove] Northumberland Fusiliers, formerly of the WY, of Chestnut Grove, Bilton, was reported missing on the 28th April.


Harrogate Herald - 19th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Next I had a visit from two other boys, who came together : Pte George Gledhill and Signaller J Crossley. Signaller J Crossley lives at 17 Poplar Grove, Bilton. His family consists of a wife and one child. He is the son of Mrs Crossley of 6 Waterloo Street. S H Jennings, who was missing April 28th, at Arras, was a pal of Crossleys'. Jennings' father worked for a number of years at Newby's. Crossley's last affair was at Hargicourt.


Harrogate Herald - 20th February 1918

Mrs Jennings, of 22 Chestnut Grove, has received an intimation from the Record Office, that her husband, Private Silas Harris Jennings, Lewis gunner, Northumberland Fusiliers (son of Mr and Mrs Jennings, Burke Street) [Albert J Jennings, 42 Burke Street], who was reported missing about tem months ago, was killed in action on the 28th April 1917. withy the notification is enclosed a message of sympathy from their Gracious Majesties the King and Queen, as well as an expression of regret from the Army Council at his death in his country's service. Private Jennings was in private life the hall porter at the Wellington Hotel.


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