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Lieutenant T N Jennings


Harrogate Herald 25th April 1917

Mr Jennings, [John B Jennings, Knockwinnock, 6 Langcliffe Avenue] of 6 Langcliffe Avenue, Harrogate, received the following telegram on Saturday : 

War Office, London, SW, April 21st, 1917 - The Military Secretary presents his compliments to Mr Jennings, and begs to inform him that he following report has just been received : Lieutenant T N Jennings, RFC, 4 Balloon Wing, was admitted to No 8 General Hospital, Rouen, April 19th, with shock, injury right ankle, burns; wounded slight. Any further report will be sent when received.

Mr and Mrs Jennings afterwards received the following letter from their son, which modestly explains a highly dangerous, but exciting experience :

No 8 General Hospital, 6 Ward, Rouen

April 20th, 1917

My dear Mother and father, I suppose you will have received the War Office wire saying I have been wounded and sent to the base suffering from shock. I must thank God I am alive. I was up in the balloon alone when suddenly a Hun plane dived from the clouds and came straight for me, firing his machine gun into the balloon. He succeeded in setting the balloon on fire, but before he did so I got away in my parachute. I landed rather heavily, causing damage to my right ankle. I have also burns on my face and hands, which will get perfectly well in time. I certainly thought was a dead man, and I was perfectly conscious the whole time. I am a stretcher case. I shall be in Blighty in a day or two. I should like to see you both. I will write from hospital in town directly I am settled. It is a consolation to know the Hun who attacked me was brought down by anti-aircraft guns. Love to all. Your affectionate son, Tom

His major writes :

France, April 16, 1917

Dear Sir, Today, while your son was up in the balloon, he was attacked by a Bosche airman, who, after four attacks, succeeded in setting the balloon on fire. I am awfully pleased to be able to tell you, however, that beyond shock and a slightly burnt hand and face, Lieutenant Jennings escaped serious damage. He fell with the burning balloon, but luckily dropped on some trees, which broke the fall. I sent him off to hospital at once, and thought I would let you know, as he may not be feeling fit enough to write for a day or two. You need not worry, as the medical officer states that beyond a little shock he escaped all right. Everyone here (15th Balloon Company) is delighted that he escaped so luckily.

Yours sincerely, Eric B Broughton, Major, Royal Flying Corps.

Mr and Mrs Jennings have four other boys, besides the Lieutenant, serving in France.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Photo Page

Lieutenant T N Jennings, RFC, Balloon Wing. Son of Mr and Mrs J B Jennings, of 6 Langcliffe Avenue, [John B Jennings, Knockwinnock, 6 Langcliffe Avenue] Harrogate, was admitted to No 8 General Hospital, Rouen, on April 19th, with shock, injury right ankle, burns, wounded slight.


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