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Private A Johnson


Harrogate Herald - 3rd January 1917

Private E Watson, writing on Christmas Eve, expressed what pleasure the Herald gives him out at the front, and adds : 

I am not the only one who looks forward to your paper, as my bed chum (also a Harrogate chap) shares the pleasure of reading it. His name is A Johnson, of Regent Estate. I have no doubt you will know him. We have been together since enlistment, and we get on very well together, and apart from our rough life we have had some good times. We have met one or two Harrogate fellows since we came out. The first night we arrived in France we were having a walk round when we met Frank Clarke, of Skipton Street, which was a great pleasure, also a surprise. I was very sorry to receive news of one of my old chums, Harry Holmes, who was reported missing some time ago. I hope some news has been received of him, also that he is safe and well. We are having dreadful weather at present, raining every day, but we must expect it this time of the year. You will notice my address has changed. I left the last about a week ago. Hoping to receive your paper as regular in future as in the past, and closing with kindest regards and wishing you and your paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 17th January 1917

Expressing his thanks for the Herald, Private A Johnson says : 

You have no idea how I look forward to it now, as it is grand to get news of the dear old town to which we belong. I am pleased to say that I am keeping well, although the weather out here is awful just now. It's a rough life, but through it we keep smiling. I see you have received my chum Watson's letter. He is quite well, and in the best of spirits. Roll on Blighty! Wishing you and your paper every success, and hope to still receive it.


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