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David Johnson


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

Robert H Auton writes : 

Forgive me intruding on your space so soon, but I have been asked by several of our local lads who are serving out here to approach you with a view to securing, through your kind readers, if possible, a cricket set to while away a few leisure hours these summer evenings whilst out of the trenches. A gift of that kind would be greatly appreciated by them. Perhaps amongst the many clubs round about a set of some description could be made up. Now we see the country looking at its best. Sometimes in the early mornings, when the birds are singing all around you, you forget for the moment the terrible struggle raging all round you, until a smell of some description brings you back you realities. I noticed a pal, David Johnson, of Scotton, wounded in this week's issue. I am sorry, and hope it is not serious, for he was one of the best. Without further trespass I close with kindest regards.


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