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Corporal Ben Joy


Harrogate Herald - 14th February 1917

W H Breare letter

Corporal B Joy looked in on Thursday. If you remember, he lost his thumb, parts of fingers of the left hand, and was invalided home. He will receive his discharge tomorrow (Wednesday). His brother Jack Joy is in the Army and in France. B Joy looks very well, and takes his disqualification philosophically, though, as he says, when he was sent home he felt as though he had "got the sack". He is the son of Ben Joy, [Ben Joy & Son, leather and grindery dealers, Union Street, with residence at 27 St Mary's Walk] whom most of you will know very well, and was working at Stokes and Peel's before the war. Joy will get on all right. He has good spirits, plenty of activity, and will find a useful sphere for himself under his changed conditions.


Harrogate Herald - 30th November 1921

Memorial tablet in porch of the Dragon Road Methodist Church : Full article at War Memorials

The following names appear after the 15 names of those killed.

These are the names of members of the church who fought in the war, and returned :

A H Annakin, A B Annakin, R H Auton, E R Barf, T Barker, W Benson, W Blakey, A G Bolton, C Brown, O Chippindale, J Crossley, D Cuthbert, C R [H ?] Dawson, W Featherstone, H Foxald, P Gale, H Grant, J P Grant, T Grant, J H Halstead, R Halstead, H Hevysides, E G Hodges, E Horn (Sapper), E Horn (Trooper), G W Holland, A E Houseman, G Hood, C H Hunter, G Ince, J Ince, F Ingleson, B Joy, J W P Joy, H H King, E Long, F Lyon, H Mann, H Midgeley, R Middleton, S M Mitchell, F R Mitchell, H Naylor, H Newport, A E Pearson, H C Pilsworth, W Preston, F V Preston, C E Preston, R Rayner, B M Rayner, H A Robinson, J Robinson, E Robinson, G F Roberts, G Rowling, G Scales, H Shepherd, J G Shepherd, C E Smith, J W Suggitt, J Summerscales, J Sunderland, B A Town, N Town, G Thackway, A Ward, H Ward, F Weighill, W A Whittaker, W Waddington, V Younger.


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