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Lance Corporal W A Kemp


Harrogate Herald 1st December 1915

Private W A Kemp, son of Mr W Kemp, Sanitary Inspector to the Harrogate Corporation, whose photo we reproduce on our picture page, is with the 9th Battalion West Yorks. He is brother-in-law to Private Tindall.


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Photo Page

Local Lads on Active Service

Private W A Kemp, 9th West Yorks.


Harrogate Herald - 10th January 1917

The following are men who have sent us the Army post-card briefly stating that they are well and have received papers and parcels, or whose letters contain views that have repeatedly been expressed by other correspondents, but show their friends that they are all right :

Lance Corporal W A Kemp (greetings)


Harrogate Herald - 20th June 1917

W H Breare letter

Just as I am writing this in walks one of our Herald Office staff, fresh from the Front - Private J E Tindall, of the West Yorks. I knew his smile at once. It was good to see him looking so well and happy. He is an orderly at headquarters out in the open, and has had his share of the rough. He has waited twenty-one months for his leave, so you will know how good it is to him. Rather a long time to wait, though. He wanted a safety razor for Lance Corporal Kemp, son of William Kemp, sanitary inspector, which I immediately handed over. It was one of those little beauties from Mrs Murray. Tindall is still using a case of blades given him by Nurse Clarkson some time ago.


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