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Corporal Harry Kendall


Harrogate Herald 9th January 1918

W H Breare letter

Another veteran from Ireland who called to see me is Bugler W Kendall, of the KRR. He was formerly of Lord Feversham's Yeoman Rifles. He is a son of Mr and Mrs William Kendall. Was invalided home from France, went to hospital, and then to Ireland. Kendall also came on leave some time ago on the occasion of his marriage. By the way, he brought his wife this time, I am glad to say. C Stainthorpe, of Starbeck, who was a gardener, is with him. Kendall's brother Harry Kendall is in the South.


Harrogate Herald - 29th January 1919

W H Breare letter

Bugler Kendall, KRR, was demobilised on Thursday, after being in the Army since 1915, and has got temporary employment with his old firm at Ripon. His brother, Corporal Harry Kendall, is with the RAF, attached to the army of occupation in Germany.


Harrogate Herald 30th June 1920

LAC H Kendall, 47 Squadron, RAF, Helwan, near Cairo, Egypt, writes :

Dear Mr Breare, Just a few lines to let you know my change of address. I am now back again with my squadron, after being up in Cairo for four months. You will no doubt remember me writing you when I first went there as outrider to Lord Allenby, which, I must say, was the very best job I have had in the whole of my Army career. I was recalled by my unit, so of course my job "went West". However, I have been recompensed for it, and have been promoted to Leading Aircraftsman. I could get my Herald from the old address, but it means a delay of its arrival by three or four days, which is a great deal for me and Plummer, my pal, who, by the way, is a Starbeck chap, and joins with me in the Sulphurland news. We are always anxious to see the news of the old town. It will not be so very long before I am packing up for home, as my time ends on February 1st next year, and if I get away this trooping season I will be home for Christmas. Everything is going along pretty quietly out here now, and the riots seem to have died down altogether. No doubt you will have all heard about our loss of Air Commander Grooves, who was killed in a crash at Heliopolis a few days ago. It was very sad, and we have lost one of the best officers we have ever had in the RAF. Now, sir, I must conclude, sincerely wishing you the very best and brightest of health, and the dear old Herald every success.


Harrogate Herald 1st December 1920

Wednesday Gossip

Lance Corporal Kendall, writing from Cairo to Mr W H Breare, says : 

I have not received my dear old Herald this mail, but I am living in high hopes of it turning up during the week. This is the first time for months that my Herald, which you so kindly send me, has not arrived, and I've felt quite lost today, for I generally spend my Sunday afternoons reading the news of the old town. I must thank you most sincerely for the past Heralds, which I have been the lucky recipient for over two years now, and for your great kindness in sending me them. I am expecting to get home very shortly now, as my service ends on February 1st, 1921, and there are great rumours going around about us now. No doubt I shall find it awfully cold coming home during the winter months, but I'm really willing to risk that to get back home once again. Cairo is getting very busy just now, and it is most surprising to see such a lot of English people about. One can almost imagine he is in Blighty when the Esbeki Gardens to see the little English children playing about there. With my very best wishes and kindest regards, also wishing you every success.


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