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Private Harry/Henry Kirk


Claro Times - 10th September 1915

Private Stephen Royce, of the West Yorkshires Regiment, son of Mr and Mrs J F Royce, Harrogate, has died in hospital at Le Havre, France, on Friday. His many friends will hear of this with deep regret.

He has been buried in the British portion of the cemetery of St Marie, Havre, the following being present at the funeral on Monday, together with an officer of the regiment : Private H Kirk, Harrogate; Private W Andrews, York; Private W Scaife, York; and Private A Stubbs, York, all of the 5th West Yorks.


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Cards from Soldiers

H Kirk


Harrogate Herald - 22nd December 1915

Private H Kirk writes : 

You will no doubt think me a long time in writing, but I hope you will excuse me as I have had no stationary of my own for about a month, and am still writing to some kind person to send some. I have managed to beg this. I am sorry to say the paper I used to get has somehow managed to lose its way this week. Here are always two special letters I like in the old paper. They are - "To Our Boys on Service", and the different letters from the front. We are again having ???????? trenches, and it seems to me as if we are likely spend our Xmas there (I hope not!). I expect you will be having your share of snow and frost in the old town. I wish we could have the same sport out of it here. The youngsters will be having a rare time with sledging. Just now we are having quite exciting times in this part of our line. We get shells all shapes and sizes and at all times. We were very lucky last night bringing up the grub, etc. they gave us one or two fiery five minutes, but very pleased to say we came out smiling. We are having quite a job now to keep our feet warm, as all the trenches are very wet. As for a fire, it is a great luxury. So far this time in, my pal and I have eaten our bacon raw and could not make our tea, as we could not get a fire to go at all. I should be very pleased indeed if, through the medium of your paper, you could find some kind person who would send any kind of thing to warm stuff on. They would receive our heartfelt thanks; also the eternal cigarette, which money, of course, will not buy in the trenches. Thanking you in anticipation and wishing all our kind friends a merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year. Jolly good luck to you and the paper.

(We are sending out to this soldier a very ingenious device, which is inexpensive and complete in itself - stand and heating substance, so that nothing is required further. It is self-contained in a small round tin box about the size of a shoe polish tin. We find Private Kirk's address is slightly different to what it was, and this may amount for the Herald not reaching him. We have now altered his address. Editor)


Harrogate Herald - 19th December 1917

W H Breare letter

Private Harry Kirk, of the 2/5th West Yorks, son of Edward Kirk, 1 Cheltenham Road, is missing, though up to the present no official notification of the fact has come. He has only been back on lave six weeks, after septic poisoning. He has not been heard of for a month. Mrs Kirk has received a letter from his chum relating the circumstances. Kirk was with the writer of the letter through all the battle, and took everything which came in good heart and spirit. The time came along when volunteers were wanted, and Kirk, along with another chum and an officer, volunteered. The officer has been officially announced killed; but there is no news of the son of his chum. If you boys know anything, I hope you will write to Mrs Kirk or to me. There is nothing definite to show them that he has been killed, and it may be that he is a prisoner. I hope the latter is found to be the case. Before Kirk went into battle he gave his chum a brief note to be sent to his mother in case he should fall. I have seen this letter, for it has been forwarded home. I can assure you it is a letter of a man, and a hero who is in the fullest sense a credit to his race.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

W H Breare letter

Private Henry Kirk, West Yorks, son of Mr and Mrs Edward Kirk, 1 Cheltenham Road, Harrogate, whom you will remember was missing, and I enquired about the other week, I am pleased to say, is a prisoner, at Munster, Westf., Camp II.


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