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Private Fred Kitson


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Private Fred Kitson, of 17 Rock Terrace, New Park, Harrogate, has lost his right hand as the result of a bomb explosion in France. Details are given of the sad occurrence in the following letters : 

Dear Mrs Kitson, Your brother, Private Fred Kitson, of the RMLI, is in hospital, having been injured in a bomb explosion. His left arm is injured, and he has had to lose his right hand. However, he is progressing very well, and in a day or two will be sent to a hospital at the base, when he will let you hear from him again. He sends his love, and wishes you not to worry. May God help you to be brave and patient in these trying days.

Yours very truly, J H Burnett, Wesleyan Chaplain.

In a subsequent letter the injured man says he is going on all right. He was throwing a bomb when it exploded in his hand. He has lost three fingers of his left hand as well as the other injury. He has been removed to a hospital in Kent.

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