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Private Kitwood


Harrogate Herald - 7th April 1915

Private Kitwood, writing to his wife, says :

28th March, 1915. Dear Elsie, I am writing to you hoping you are quite well. Sorry to tell you I am in hospital. I am very ill, Elsie. I am sure I don't know what is really the matter with me, but I suppose the strain and hardships of winter has something to do with it. Well, I shall try my best to get well. You know, Elsie, we've had a most terrible big battle here. Elsie, it was just hell on earth. I shall never forget it to my dying day. I was in the thick of it, and I can tell you I was very lucky, as I came out of it scot free, when so many of our poor chaps went under. I can truly say it was a successful victory. We gave the Germans socks, but it was a dreadful sight. No one knows or realises what it was who never went through it. I don't think I was in my proper senses at the time, but I truly realised and felt it, to see my chums go down at my side. Well, it is over, I am thankful for that. Now I am in hospital, but I hope I will pull through all right. I wish Cissie would write. So I will close, with love to all.

I remain your loving Lolly

(He writes in a similar strain to his mother-in-law, Mrs Shipman, of Willow Grove, Bilton - Editor)

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