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Harry Knowles


Harrogate Herald - 14th March 1917

W H Breare letter

When the late Councillor J G Knowles died he left his business, of decorator, to his brother's son, Harry Knowles, who was at the Front. I have just learnt with great sorrow that Harry has been killed. He was in a dugout having his tea when a shell struck it, killing him and two other boys. A fourth soldier had gone out on duty and asked his comrades to have his tea ready. When the fourth returned they were digging the three out of the wrecked dugout. I am waiting anxiously to hear who the second and third lads were. It is quite possible they may be Harrogate boys. The loss of anyone's boys touches us, yet it is only natural that our main anxiety should be for our own, and I am waiting. I have only just heard the sad news of Harry's death, and perhaps I shall learn something before we go to press. Ripon lads will be able to identify Harry's father when I say that he was the landlord of the Studley Royal Hotel during the later years of his life. Harry's half-brother, who was in business as a decorator in Headingley, had taken charge of the Knowles business in Harrogate while Harry was away. The military authorities did grant Harry a couple of months leave when Mr Knowles died. The late Councillor Knowles' sister died some years before he passed away. So there is now no one left of the little household save a cousin, Miss Batters, who lives at Collingham. Miss Batters used to reside over the shop of the firm in Oxford Street. Harry learnt his trade with his Uncle John and became a most expert workman. We all feel so sorry for the bereaved mother, who is residing at Ripon still. But there must be a great consolation in the remembrance of Harry's fine character, industrious life, and sympathetic nature.


Harrogate Herald - 27th February 1918

Private F J Parkyn, whose home is at Knaresborough, says : 

I used to work for Topham Brothers, and Knowles; in fact, I was working for Knowles when Mr Harry Knowles was in the Army, and I was very sorry to hear of his death. I also see T Moody has gone West. I did like that boy, for that is all he was. I was in training with him at Clipstone Camp. It is very sad to know of so many Harrogate boys going under. I met J Pickard out here. He is in the Royal Field Artillery. He has gone up the line. I have worked in Harrogate for fourteen years, and I have always liked it.

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