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Lance Corporal G H Lambert


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917

G H Lambert says : 

Since I wrote you last I have been getting your valuable paper very regularly owing to the kindness of one of your readers. I have written to them and thanked them, but you can thank them for their kindness and trouble. I saw a couple of Harrogate men while I was up the line. One was Lance Corporal Ibbitson, RE. I saw several Yorkshiremen from various towns, so I had quite a nice chat with them about the old places. There are several Yorkshiremen in this battery. Most are British-born, and we are all itching for a game of footer, but as we have not the way nor means of obtaining the football and pump, I as wondering if you could get me one through your many friends. Hoping I am not causing you too much trouble, and thanking you and your valuable paper.


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

Lance Corporal G Lambert says : 

Thank you for the football which I received a few days ago. Please convey my thanks to the donor. We all took part in the big push when we pushed the Germans off Vimy Ridge, so you see I have not had the time to write sooner.


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