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J W Leckenby


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

J W Leckenby writes : 

December 4th, 1915. At last I can write and thank you for your kindness in sending the good old Herald out to while I was in the Dardenelles. I don't think I received them all, but the ones that did arrive safely passes many weary hours; in fact, I used to try and imagine I was at home, and when I say that all my Scotch pals come to talk about Harrogate. You can guess the state the Herald was in by the time it was finished with. I am at present in hospital at Cardiff through stopping a piece of bomb just below my left eye, but I am pleased to say I am about better. For about a fortnight I was completely deaf as a result of the explosion, but my hearing is much better now. The food conditions out there were much improved when I left, but oh, the relief to get home. Real bread and butter after "bully" and biscuit. With all best wishes for yourself and paper.


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