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Arthur Leedale


Harrogate Herald - 14th April 1915


Local Lads on Active Service

A Leedale, HMS Inflexible


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

W H Breare letter

Arthur Leedale, who is an artificer on HMS Inflexible, had been fortunate enough to obtain leave over the Christmas holidays. He came in to see me. I was very much amused at an incident he related. He was coming down in the train, and with him were some soldiers, and the latter entered into conversation amongst themselves. Suddenly he heard the name Harrogate mentioned, and pricked up his ears. These soldiers said, "Ah, Harrogate's the place; they spoil the men there. There are all sorts of reading rooms and places to obtain something to eat. Harrogate cannot seem to do enough for the boys. It is a fact that the soldiers who got there are spoilt for other times, for there is no place so hospitable and kind to the troops".


Harrogate Herald - 14th March 1917

W H Breare letter

Stanley Leedale, brother of my Naval friend, Arthur Leedale, has been transferred from France to this country, where he is performing military duty.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

W H Breare letter

Arthur Leedale, quite an old friend of mine now, has just been in to see me. He is on a destroyer, and is delighted with her. He had a stroke of luck. His leave was up within a day, when he had a telegram from his ship extending that leave three days, and this without asking. Arthur is a first-class artificer. To identify him, I must tell you that he is a son of Mr R Leedale, joiner and contractor, King's Road, and succeeded to the business carried on so many years by the late William Topham.


Harrogate Herald - 4th July 1917

W H Breare letter

My tether is running out, and I shall have to be brief and summarise. I have had visits from Private S Hind Leedale, who has been transferred to a home establishment; Arthur Leedale, who is an artificer in the Navy, and well-known to you lads; Corporal G G Jackson, son of Mr and Mrs W C Jackson, of 16 Unity Grove (New Zealanders); Private W Burrill, son of Jack Burrill, my old friend who used to play the double bass in the original Harrogate Minstrels; and Lance Corporal Wilfred Mawson, son of Mr J Mawson, Cold Bath Road.


Harrogate Herald - 25th July 1917

You have heard me speak so often of Arthur Leedale, who is a naval artificer, that I am sure you almost know him. You will be glad to hear that on the 21st of July his wife presented him with a little daughter. Arthur came in to see me this morning, and it is needless to say he was all smiles, and life was looking very rosy to him - especially that particular young life.


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