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Bob Leeming


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

W H Breare letter

I have read a very interesting letter from Bob Leeming, of Harlow Hill, today, from which it appears that he is in hospital out Mesopotamia way. It is nothing serious, and he is recovering nicely. He speaks of the hot weather and the mosquitoes. It seems they have nets round the cots to keep the mosquitoes out. I hope they are more effective than the one I heard of in America, behind which a friend of mine had considerable trouble. They are very downy things, these mosquitoes, and it is marvellous, sometimes, how they can find their way inside a net. They succeeded so well on one occasion that my friend evacuated the bed and left it to the mosquitoes, whilst her slept peacefully on the floor. Bob writes very interesting letters. One thing which distinguishes them is that they are all so cheerful. He went out from the country to India, and from there to Mesopotamia. He didn't mind going to the latter place at all, but he did regret leaving his pal, the only Harrogate boy out that way, whom he had met in India.


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