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Harrogate Herald - 1st January 1919

Wednesday Gossip

I have had a lot of boys on leave and repatriated prisoners in to see me during the festive season, and the experiences of some of the latter will be found in another part of this issue. Germany appears to be in sore straits as regards everyday necessities, and had recourse to paper for the manufacture of clothing, boots, etc. I heard that one Harrogate man had suffered a good deal through wearing the paper clothes. Mr and Mrs R Leeming's son, who has been a prisoner in Germany from early on in the war, reached home on Christmas Day. We can imagine the joyousness of such a reunion. Private H Timmins, son of Mr and Mrs Timmins, East Parade, I hear, has also returned, and Private J F Wilson, 12th West Yorks, son of Mrs Wilson, 23 West Cliffe Grove.


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