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Frank Leggett


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

A R Hubbard writes : 

Having seen quite a lot of chaps getting jolly good things from Mr Breare and Harrogate people in general, I take the liberty of writing to ask if you could supply me with a stove suitable for boiling a drop of water for cocoa, tea, etc. We often get to places where we could use a stove, whereas we must, on no account, light a fire. You have no idea how nice a drink of tea is in the middle of the night, and how we look forward to one, but sorry to say often get disappointed. If we go out on a working party, sometimes the Army supply us with a drink, but it isn't a regular thing, so I am writing to you to help me to obtain this; then I can have a drink when I like. I am in the trenches (Sunday morning), sun shining and fairly arm. My word, how pleased we are to feel the warmth of the sun after the bitter cold weather we have had. I should like to ask if you would through the medium of your paper remember me to Fred Padgett, Frank Leggett, Jack Cooper and Alf Exelby, all "Monkeytown" [Oatlands] chaps. If this should catch the eye of anyone who has more toffee or sweets than they can eat, would they please send them along. We don't get much sweet stuff, and a few sweets are very enjoyable, so hope I shall be lucky. So keep smiling and thanking you in anticipation.


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Corporal S Sm A Suffield, 50th Battalion, RFA, is a son of Mr J Suffield, 18 Ashfield Terrace, Harrogate, van driver for the NER. The son has been nine years in the regular Army nearly three years, next month, in France. His last lave was in November, 1915. you will remember Padgett. He was Suffield's best chum, and was killed the other week. My visitor had seen our old friend Patsy Donovan; Sergeant Elsworth, RE, son of Mr Elsworth, blacksmith, Tower Street; Frank Leggatt, of Oatlands and the Somerset Light Infantry; and Fred Ward. The latter he had not seen since the Somme last year. Ward is a son of our clever Corporation head gardener. Mr H Ward, who, you will remember with regret, had a son killed at the front. Suffield also saw, about six weeks ago, Gibson, of the West Yorks, who lived at High Harrogate. His brother Corporal H Suffield, of the West Yorks, has been wounded for the third time. The last occasion through the ankle. He is in hospital in London. When he received his third wound he had only been back from leave, after his second wound, a short time, when caught again.


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