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Sergeant F Linfoot


Harrogate Herald - 5th September 1917

Arthur H Yeoman says : 

Things are "very busy" out here, but not the same kind of business as at home, but I think it will soon be over. Anyway, I hope so. It is really boiling hot here just now, scorching absolutely. I was speaking to Sergeant Linfoot yesterday; he has just returned from Harrogate off leave. He was proceeding to his unit "up the line". If any of your readers have any magazines they have done with, I should be very pleased to share them among the lads. Things are growing better and hotter round here, but the weather is with us. PS - Your letter to the boys is extra good. I wish we could get more messages like it.


Harrogate Herald - 6th February 1918

January 29th, at 14 Belford Square, Jack, son of Sergeant and Mrs F Linfoot, aged nine months.


Harrogate Herald - 20th March 1918

Breare letter

So, Sergeant F Linfoot. We are not allowed to give soldiers' addresses in the Harrogate Herald, but will forward them to any of your friends who ask for them.


Harrogate Herald 24th April 1918

The following have sent postcards thanking for the Herald and stating they are well :

Sergeant F Linfoot


Harrogate Herald - 31st July 1918

News came to hand on Tuesday that Sgt F Linfoot had been killed in action on July 14th. Being a reservist he was called up at the outbreak of war, and was in France by September, where, with the exception of short intervals, he has remained ever since. He was wounded, and as recently as three months ago was gassed at Armentieres, and was blinded for a time, eventually recovering to go into action again, with the unfortunate before mentioned result. He gained his promotion during the war, and for conspicuous bravery last year he was awarded the DCM. Before joining up he was employed by the Harrogate and District Co-operative Society. He leaves a wife and several children.

The following letter have been received my Mrs Linfoot

Dear Mrs Linfoot, I am most awfully sorry to have to write and break to you the sad news that your husband, Sgt Linfoot, was killed in action on July 14th. He was very gallantly leading his platoon in what was a most successful operation, and it was partly due to his keen leadership that his platoon did so well . We recovered his body, and he is buried in a military cemetery. I shall miss him very much, as he was so keen and reliable. The rest of the Company join with me in our sympathy for you in your great loss. I am, yours faithfully, W E Mocatta, Lt.

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