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Private F M Linfoot


Harrogate Herald - 27th January 1915

Harrogate men who are serving with the colours and are in the Harrogate Herald list to receive papers every week :

7535 Private F M Linfoot, C Company, 1st West Yorkshire Regiment


Harrogate Herald - 27th January 1915

Private F M Linfoot, of the 1st West Yorkshire Regiment, writing to a director of the Harrogate and District Co-operative Society, says :

Dear Sir, I was very pleased to receive your long letter. It is one of the things we appreciate out here to hear from the old town and country. I have been very lucky up to now regarding sickness and wounds, seeing I came out at the first with my battalion. At Xmas we got a lot of tobacco and cigs., also a plum pudding each, and our usual diet, bully beef and biscuits. I think the letter in the Harrogate Herald by the ex-Territorial of the Welsh Fusiliers, who arrived in Harrogate wounded, dated 13/1/15, sums up the situation pretty accurately. Thank you and all other directors and committee for the way you are serving our wives and families whilst we are abroad and doing our best for you and our country. It is a pleasure to think they are comfortable and happy; also I might mention that I shall be only too pleased when it is all over and we are back again at our respective jobs. You will see by the papers our regiment has been mentioned above once, but we are looking forward to you sending us a good and efficient army out her in the spring to relieve us, as we hear they are going to do. I shall be pleased to hear from you or any of the Co-op members or employees. Hoping you will give them all my best wishes for the coming year, so kind regards to all members and employees. Again thanking you highly for your letter, I remain,

Yours sincerely, F M Linfoot


Harrogate Herald - 3rd March 1915

Serving with the Colours and receiving the Harrogate Herald every week

7535 Private F M Linfoot, C Company, 1st West Yorkshire Regiment, British Expeditionary Force


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