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Driver T Lobley


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

Driver T Lobley writes : 

Dear Mr Breare, Just a note to thank you very much for your very great kindness in sending me your most welcome and interesting paper each week. I am always awaiting it, and I value it more than anything else I get, as it always keeps me in nearer touch with good old Harrogate. I am stationed here a few miles behind the firing line, and I am getting on A1. I am always on the look-out here for some Harrogate face, but I have never had any luck. I see Harrogate is still sending recruits; send them all, they will all be wanted. I close my little note to you by wishing you a happy New Year.


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

Expressing his thanks for the Herald, Driver A Ashby says : 

I have had leave since I wrote you, but sorry I did not get to see you, as I was not in Harrogate long. I know I ought to have called to thank you for the kindness you have shown to me during the time I have been out here in France, but I hope you will accept my warmest heartfelt thanks that I can send on paper, and I hope you will be blessed with the best of health to enable you to carry on the good work you are doing, for it is one of the best comforts I have out here to receive the dear old Herald and see all the news. It is like having a chat with you personally to read your letter to the boys. I often see photos of dear friends I know in the picture page, and some that have given their whole for their country and freedom. I am pleased to say my brother-in-law, T Lobley, is near me at present, so we have many a good chat about the old town, surmising what we should have been doing if we were there. I have had one or two exciting adventures just lately, but, thank God, I have come out on top so far.


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