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Lance Corporal Lockwood


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Lance Corporal Lockwood, of the 2nd Suffolks, is in the Royal Bath Hospital with chronic rheumatism following upon rheumatic fever. This is the second time Lance Corporal Lockwood has been in hospital. He went through the Mons retirement, and subsequently at the battle of the Marne he was blinded by lyddite. This came from a lyddite shell. These shells are very poisonous. They give off, after bursting, a green smoke, which follows the men into every corner of a trench. At that time the men had no respirators and if a lyddite shell burst in the trenches the men were bound to suffer. Lance Corporal Lockwood went into hospital at Cambridge, and gradually under treatment he recovered his sight. He went out to the Front again and subsequently contracted rheumatic fever. He speaks highly of the treatment at the Royal Bath Hospital, where it is such that a man could not wish for anything better. He is going on well.


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