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Harrogate Herald - 17th January 1917


G R Watson, writing from a training camp, says : 

Seeing by your paper, which we have sent out here every week, that you still have some socks, etc, left, I am writing to say that I could do with some if you have any on hand, as up here we seem to get through a lot of socks. I am now in the DLI. We are having very rough weather up here this last few days, quite wintry, and as only can be expected we are about p to the neck in it, but hoping for better weather before long. Quite a lot of our lads from Harrogate are up here, and Bert Newbould and young Brown went out last week. Some of the lads are over in Harrogate right now on their last leave, so you might be seeing them. I am sorry to see that Tom Handley had got killed, as I used to work with him at the Corporation for a few years. I was formerly nine years warehouseman for J Farrah, Ltd. We get your paper every week, and you can bet if it is late we are disappointed, and then it is who can get hold of it first - me or Wilson, from Grove Park. We have young Loocock here, whose father is gardener to the Corporation, and it goes from one to the other. I could not tell you where it finishes. My home is 34 Mayfield Grove. I have just received word that my brother-in-law, F Topham, of Bilton, who came over with the Canadians, has been wounded in France, but don't now any more.


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