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Second Lieutenant H Lupton


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

W H Breare letter

Not many ,men have had leave of late, and so my callers have been few. You can understand that I was pleased on Wednesday to have visits from three of our lads. First was Drum-Major G Procter, master of the brass band of the Beechwood Boys. he is of the firm of Procter Brothers, Tewit park garages. That establishment is closed now, because both brothers are serving their country. They will have to go on our list showing the men who have given up their work and business to fight for the homeland. Drum-Major Procter was in splendid form, and had a good deal to tell me about the Beechwood Boys which I cannot put in print. It is something of a coincidence that he should call just after I sent that gramophone to the Beechwood lads. While he was still with me in walked Second Lieutenant H Lupton, also of the Beechwood Boys. he is a son of Mr William Lupton, surveyor to the Knaresborough Rural District Council. These two had much to talk about, and I heard many familiar names in their chat. Lieutenant Lupton has been wounded twice. He is rather pale, but seems to be getting on well. he was transferred to the Beechwood Boys from another unit. As some of you know he makes a fine figure of an officer. His manner is quiet, but determination is behind it, and we all know that such boys are there when wanted.


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918

War Notes

Mr H Lupton, formerly assistant master at Bilton Council School, in November, 1927, was promoted to Lieutenant. He went out to France again, and joined the West Yorks, but not his original battalion - the Beechwood Boys. He was admitted to hospital early in December, suffering from shell shock, sent to Blighty 30th December, and is still in hospital in London, where he is now progressing favourably, and was able to get up for the first time this week.


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