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N B Maltby


Harrogate Herald - 28th November 1917

N B Maltby writes : 

It gives me great pleasure to thank you for safety razor and Herald received on the above date (October 23rd). I was in Harrogate about eighteen months with the Colonel of the Yorks Dragoons, who resided in Duchy Road, and whilst in Harrogate I got acquainted with a lot of friends, and therefore if I live this war over I shall most probably come to reside in the vicinity, for I like the town very much. I am by the sea just now. We are resting somewhere in Palestine. Expect to be at it again shortly. I was out on outpost duty the other night, and my comrades were sleeping about twenty yards away from m post. When I went for my relief they were absolutely covered with sand, and looked for all the world like graves.


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