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Driver Thomas Manby


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

Driver Thomas Manby writes : 

I am a Harrogate lad, and one of the boys that has gone right through this war up to the present safe and sound. I have taken part in nearly all he big engagements, starting from the great retreat from Mons, up to the great fight for Vimy Ridge, and now we are somewhere else trying to shift Fritz. He is getting a very warm time of it, and now the fine weather has come it will make our task easier. I have had some very narrow escapes while taking up ammunition, which we are very busy with at present. I am looking forward to the finish of this awful war and back home in the old town again. I have only come across two chums out here. They are the brothers Currie. One of them was taken prisoner on the retreat from Mons, and the other brother, who used to work at the PO, was in the best of health the last time I saw him. There are a lot of my battery chums want me to start haircutting, and the scissors I have are not much good for the job, so I wonder if any kind reader of your paper would like to send me a No 1 haircutting machine, scissors and comb, and I would be able to oblige my chums.


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