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Sergeant Mandrill


Harrogate Herald - 22nd August 1917

W H Breare letter

The other day I was summoned to my room to see a caller. Judge of my satisfaction to find friend Patsy Donavan seated in the chair you know too well, his genial face broadened with that smile so familiar to his friends. You know Patsy has been in hospital, then allowed to come to Blighty, but not to Harrogate. He goes back today, Tuesday. He had seen Sergeant Mandrill, who was a booking clerk at the station, likewise Corporal Smith, of the Engineers. He had also met Sergeant Henry Nelson, of Ripon, who belongs to a West Yorkshire regiment. You know Patsy used to get up some entertaining boxing exhibition in Harrogate and thereabouts. Well, Nelson is a bit of a boxer, and he had a turn at one of Patsy's shows a few years ago. Rather singular that he should meet him out there, isn't it? But, after all, in one respect the world is very small, for we keep running up against our friends in the most unlikely corners.


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