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Private H G Marshall


Harrogate Herald - 6th January 1915

Private H G Marshall, writing to Mr Robert Robinson at the Harrogate Herald office, says : 

Dear Mr Robinson, Just a line to say that I am out here in the thick of the fighting. We are having a pretty rough time, but we are doing our best. I have just been reading the Harrogate paper, which was interesting. The weather here is trying, especially for the horses. With best wishes, yours sincerely, Private H G Marshall, 4 Troop, B Squadron, 3rd Hussars, British Expeditionary Force.


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Private H G Marshall writes : 

I am writing to thank you for the paper which you so kindly send to me every week. We have often been short of something to read, and your Harrogate has been passed round the Troop. You will be glad to hear that I have secured a post as clerk at the headquarters here. After long vigils, etc, in the trenches it comes as a great relief. It was mainly, I believe, through the instrumentality of Mr Robinson that I receive your paper. Please convey my kind regards and thanks to him. I am sure had my late father lived to see what Harrogate has done in the way of recruiting, he would have been very proud. It was very interesting to read of Mr Lynn Breare's wedding, and, although late, my best wishes are with them. It is something like twenty years ago since I last saw your son. I must now draw to a close, hoping you are well, and wishing you a very happy Xmas. PS - I have been out here for fifteen months now.


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