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Harry Harland Massheder


Harrogate Herald - 3rd March 1915

Recruiting in Harrogate during the month of February has been fairly brisk. The names of those who have enlisted through the medium of the Recruiting Office in Station Square are as follows : 

T H Potter, R Cornall, T Johnson, H Massheder, J McLaughlin, Percy Cash, H Morrell, C J Summersall, F G Squire, C E Crossley, A J Lale, A Dewar, C Lewis, A Addison, G Addison, G McGuire, M J Lyons, G E Mathers, W Tipling, E Marshall, W Younger, C Tranill, H B Broadley, G T Gamage, Ingham, Dobby, Brearley, Riley, E Simpson, J W Lamb, E Shackleton, P C Moorey, J Roker, F Slinger, A Harrison, W A Wray, J Elsworth, J A Bayley, F V Thackwray, W Smithson, and Stephen Fountain.

This list does not include those joining the colours through the Westminster Chambers agency, nor those who join the Yorkshire Hussars and Yorkshire Dragoons direct.


Harrogate Herald - 26th September 1917

W H Breare letter

I had a visit the other day from Mrs Massheder, whose son, Private Harry Harland Massheder, of the West Yorks, has been missing since September 27th, 1916. She came to tell me she had a notice from the War Office stating that "the Army Council have been regretfully constrained to conclude that his death took place on the 27th of September, 1916". With this was an expression of condolence from the King and Queen. Like the strong, devoted mother that she is she still clings to the hope that confidently tells her she will see her boy again. I think she is right. How proud this boy will be, if he gets to know (and he may, wherever he happens to be), of the courage and faithfulness of his mother.


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