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Company Sergeant Major Matson


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Private E Matson, son of Sergeant-Major and Mrs Matson, 42 Cecil Street, called on Monday. He belongs to his father's old regiment, the 3rd Hussars, and it is two years in august since he was last home. He is a Regular. The father is serving, I believe, in France. Tommy Askew, of Carlisle, has been with pre Matson, but is now at home with the Reserve Cavalry. Matson has had rather hard luck in his endeavours to look up Harrogate boys. He found out where the West Yorks were supposed to be, but when he got there they had just gone. He was looking out for chaps of the United Methodist Church Football Club, but did not succeed in seeing any of them. He likewise tried to find Norman Wells, whose father id landlord of the Ebor. Norman is in the Scots Greys, but Matson never managed to see him. My visitor looks well, and is in excellent spirits. You will perhaps know his Uncle Tom, who has a taxicab of his own. Of course, he was delighted to be at home, and found Harrogate very beautiful, but his experience was like that of other boys from the Front; the town is all right, but his old pals seem to have gone away for the day - or longer. He knows, however, that they are in the Army.


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