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Lance Corporal J H Neil McMillan


Claro Times - 5th November 1915

Lance Corporal J H N McMillan, son of Mr C McMillan, of Beech Street, Starbeck, was reported dead from wounds by the War Office last week, and many condolences were extended to the family. On Monday, however, a telegram was received from the War Office that the Lance Corporal was not killed, but wounded, and was in hospital. On Tuesday a letter arrived from the matron of the hospital where he is lying, stating that he was wounded in the head, and the right eye was injured.

Three years ago he emigrated to Canada, and last December joined the Canadian contingent, and came over to England, and thence to France. Prior to going to Canada, he was an employee of Mr Charles, hairdresser, of Princes Street, Harrogate. He was also a member of the Harrogate Presbyterian Church, and sang in the choir. He received a gunshot wound in the head on Friday, October 22nd.


Claro Times - 12th November 1915

Lance Corporal J H Neil McMillan, son of Mr J C McMillan, of 16 Beech Street, Starbeck, who was reported killed, and this news later contradicted, is recovering from his wounds.

A letter from the Canadian Record Office states :

"Dear Sir, With reference to my notice dated October 24th, and further to my telegram on the 1st inst, I beg to inform you that a report has now been received to the effect that 81657 Lance Corporal J H N McMillan, 2nd Battalion Canadians, who was reported as having died of wounds on the 24th October, is in 22 General Hospital, Camiers, suffering from gunshot wound to the head, and is making satisfactory progress.

I regret exceedingly that you should have been caused and anxiety through the erroneous report of Private McMillan's death.

Yours truly,

A W Kelly, Lieutenant.

For Officer i/c Records"

Another letter from the matron of 22 General Hospital, British Expeditionary Force, France, says :

"Dear Sir, Before this letter reaches you, you will have learnt that the reported death of your son, Corporal Neil McMillan, was incorrect.

Corporal McMillan was admitted to the hospital on October 23rd, suffering from a bullet wound in the head, which had also injured the right eye so badly that it had to be removed. He was considered dangerously wounded, and the doctor had but little hope of his recovery. To our great pleasure he has steadily held his own, ands seems to be really improving, though we hardly dare to acknowledge it even to ourselves. His surgeon is greatly pleased with his condition today.

I am yours very truly,

M G Parsons, Matron"


Harrogate Herald - 17th November 1915

W H Breare letter

I think I told you something about Lance Corporal McMillan last week. He was reported killed, but this was an error and we corrected it last week. I am sorry to say, however, that he died in hospital on Friday morning at 5.30. the father came in to tell me on his way back from Leicester. The military authorities wanted to bury Lance Corporal McMillan with military honours at Leicester, but the father desired that his boy should be laid by the side of his mother in Grove Road Cemetery, Harrogate. The death of young McMillan has left us very sad and full of sympathy, for it is a heavy blow to his good father. He, however, knows that I sympathise with him, for I have spoken to him; but he does not know the full extent of my sympathy, neither can I express it.


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