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Private C Metcalfe


Harrogate Herald - 19th September 1917

Roll of Honour

Mrs Metcalfe, of Oatlands Mount, Harrogate, has received the following letter from the Sister of the 5th Casualty Clearing Station in France : 

"Dear Mrs Metcalfe, Your son, Private C Metcalfe, is in hospital wounded. I am very sorry to have to tell you that his left leg was so badly injured that the surgeon was obliged to amputate it. He is doing well, and will be sent down to the base in a day or two, I hope, and from thence home. He is very sad about his leg, poor boy, but is beginning to be a little more cheerful. If you do not hear from me again, please understand that it will mean that he is going on satisfactory".


Harrogate Herald - 17th October 1917

W H Breare letter

I had a visit last week from Private J Metcalfe, 729th Labour Company, of 7 Coronation Road, Oatlands Mount. He was on special leave owing to the following circumstance : His son, Private Clifford Metcalfe, had been wounded in the leg, which has had to be amputated above the calf. He is now in No. 2 War Hospital, Birmingham. My visitor has been doing useful work that has not been free from danger. His lot have been following up, on the line of communications, each advance. During the whole two years he has been out he has not seen a Harrogate chap. When he first went out his opening six months provided him with very hard work, but the labour force is so large now that it is less strenuous. It is just about twelve months ago since Metcalfe was on leave before and came to see me. He is now looking well and left me to call upon Mrs Oliver Barber to thank her for the excellent socks she had sent him.


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