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Charlie Miles


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

Private P Naiff writes : 

We often have Miss Lena Ashwell's concert parties, and some time ago I was in good hopes of meeting our favourite Gordon Williams, but unfortunately I was further up the line at the time. I would dearly have liked to have met him. There is a Harrogate pal of mine here called Charlie Miles. They used to keep a tobacconist's shop in Oxford Street; also Corporal Brown, who, by the way, used to sing at Trinity Church some years ago. I am sorry to hear of some of the old boys going under, and I can assure you it will be a great blessing when this terrible war is over. One hardly knows when it is going to end. You might remember me to Bombardier Sam Hempsall when next you see him. If you should know of anyone who has a violin any piano music to spare it would be very acceptable up here to pass away the long winter evenings, as we have a little music occasionally.


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