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Private Frank Mountain


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 19177

Chats with the Wounded

Private Frank Mountain, of the Royal Field Artillery, is in the Beaulieu Hospital after being invalided from the Front with injuries to the knee due to the kick of a horse. It was during the bad weather when it was difficult to get ammunition waggons over the ground, and the only way to get the shells up to the firing line was on the backs of horses. The rider was on the back of one horse and the shells were along the back of the led horse. It was dusk, and the wind was driving a heavy rain in their faces. They got into some trench wire, and the horses started plunging and kicking. It was during the mix-up that Mountain was severely kicked on the knee cap. He has undergone the treatment since coming to Harrogate, and his injuries are now going on nicely. He was eighteen months at the front.


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