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Private J Neesam


Harrogate Herald - 7th February 1917


Private J Neesam, writing to the Knaresborough Post, says : 

Just a line to tell you that I am quite well. I am writing this letter to tell you how the Post happened to cheer me up. Well, it was like this. I was writing a letter this evening to Harrogate, when I happened to stop and think of the time I used to have there, and what should com to my eyes but your paper. Down went the letter. I was anxious for news of the old place. I was in HIH the Grand Duchess George of Russia's hospital quite a long time. How I cane to know you your representative stopped me on the railway bridge. It would be in June, and asked me to dictate some narrow escapes I had. Well, since that day to this I have always been interested in your paper, but I have never dreamt of it being out here for me to read. Some Harrogate lad is about, so I must find him and have a chat with him. Hoping all at the old place are well. I will draw to a close. I recognise a lot of the old boys' names in your paper.


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