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Allan Nicholson

Harrogate Herald - 7th February 1917

Roll of Honour

Allan Nicholson, who was formerly chauffeur to Dr Hayne for eight years, has died from pneumonia after seven months in France, he having gone to the Front in June last and was attached to the AOD Travelling Workshops. Details of he sad occurrence are contained in the following letters to Mrs Nicholson, 50 Tower Street, Harrogate : 

France, 23rd January, 1917.
Dear Madam, It is with a feeling of very deep regret that I write to offer you my sympathy on the loss of your husband, late of this unit. The sad news came as a shock to me, as, on inquiry at the hospital to which he was taken on falling sick, I was told that he was considered to be getting on well. Unfortunately, there was a relapse, which he was unable to combat successfully. He was one of my best drivers and popular amongst the fellows, and his loss is a great blow to us all here.
I an, yours faithfully,
George Carter
Lieutenant, AOD, LOM

Dear Mrs Nicholson, I can hardly know what to write, but as your husband's greatest friend I feel that he would wish me to write to you now. We have been together ever since August last, and we have become firm friends. I cannot tell you how sad and sorry I am to be the conveyer of bad news to you. May God give you the strength to bear what I have to say. I am hoping that he may have been able to write to you at the beginning of the week. Poor Allan. It was on Friday, the 12th, that he complained of a bad cold, and on the Saturday he stayed in bed. He was very restless and seemed feverish, and on the Saturday I was anxious and persuaded the authorities to send him to the hospital at Aberville in an ambulance motor at No 5 Stationary Hospital, and I feel confident that while he was there everything was done for him that could be done, as that hospital has the reputation of being one of the best and most comfortably fitted hospitals in France. We had a letter from the hospital, dated the 16th, to say that he was going on well and that it would be another week before he was back with us; and now today we have received two letters, both dated January 19th - one to say that he had developed pneumonia and was dangerously ill, and another to say he had passed away at 3.15pm. Dear Mrs Nicholson, there is not a man in the shop who is not greatly shocked, and there is not one amongst us who does not feel most deeply for you in your great sorrow. He was deservedly liked by all, and a man more conscientiously devoted to duty it would be hard to find living with him for the past six months. I know how good a man he was, how honorable, and I am so confident that with him all is well. He has made the greatest sacrifice that man can make. He has laid down his life for his friends as really as those who have fallen in the clash of battle, and greater love can no man have than that a man lay down his life for his friends. He has done his best and given his all - more he could not do; and I am sure that he is at peace and that he will receive his reward - the glorious crown and the perfect happiness for those who have proved faithful. I don't know what to say, and I can only hope and pray that God will comfort you in your great affliction. Only those who have experienced the loss of a husband can understand fully how greatly you are suffering, but believe me I do most deeply feel for you. We all do.
Yours in deepest sympathy,
G R Garnier.

Harrogate Herald- 7th February 1917

W H Breare letter

I have no doubt many of you lads will have known Nicholson, who was chauffer to Dr Hayne. [L B Hayne, MD, (Camb), Sheen House, Victoria Avenue] I deeply lament to say that he has died of pneumonia, in hospital, after being out only seven months in France. To be precise it was June when he went to the Front. You have seen him many a time with Dr Hayne's car. A quiet, industrious, excellent man. It grieves me to tell you that he has left a wife and two children.


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