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Rifleman J Nielson

Harrogate Herald - 3rd January 1917


Rifleman J Nielson, who served his apprenticeship with R Ackrill, writing to Mr J Whiteley, says : 

You will perhaps be surprised to know that I am out here again after so long a spell in England. However, I cannot grumble, I have been very fortunate. We are just behind the firing line at present for a day or two. We came out yesterday (December 18th) after rather a rough time, weather conditions I mean, otherwise Fritz was fairly kind to us. Of course, he threw a few coal boxes, whizz bangs, etc., ever to let us know he still has some. During this spell I was among a party at an advanced bombing post. We had to take it in turn on listening post. Quite a cushy job this weather; you are laid out in the open for an hour at a stretch, and it has rained most of the time, so you can imagine how cushy it was. We are short-handed, so it run us two hours on duty, one sentry, one listening post, and one rest. By the way, I have been out five weeks. Please thank Mr W H Breare for the Herald, and I shall be delighted if he can continue to forward it to me. Before concluding, I must take the opportunity of wishing you all a very happy Christmas and may we all have peace early in the New Year. Kind regards to you, and enquiring friends.


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