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Lance Corporal Alfred Nightingale

Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Private A Nightingale, another brother, writes in a humorous vein : 

November 18th 1915 : Dear Sister and All, Just a line to say I got your welcome letter all right. As you say in your letter, there is no place like old England. We are having some shocking weather here. We had about two inches of snow two days ago, but now it is thawing, and, of course, makes it more pleasant. I am nowhere near Ted; it is almost 100 miles from where I am, so I will not have a chance to see him. I hope he is getting on all right. You must save me a turkey for when I come home. I don't think I will bother about being in any raffle through this Xmas in England; it is too far to fetch anything. I should like the Harrogate paper; you get more news at home than we do. Tell Walter not to worry about me, I am all right; and mother too. I am not sorry I came out here to help to finish this lot, and it will be a good job when it is over. We had a bit of sport the other night. A rat got hold of one of my mates by the nose. It would have done you good to hear him bellow, "Yorky, strike a light. A rat has got my nose". So he sleeps with his head under the clothes now. Of course, we are all teetotal, so it does not matter. We could do with a ferret or two, but I have not seen any out here since I came or I would have bought them. Give Ernie Ireland my best respects when you see him, and tell him I don't think we will have a drink in the Drum and Monkey this Xmas, but hope to sometime in 1916. don't worry about sending me any fags much as we club together, and we can get them a lot cheaper than you can from England. Ask mother if she wants a pig taking to the auction again. I often laugh about it. Well, I think that is all this time. With best love to mother and dad and you all.

Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Receiving the Herald :

Private A Nightingale, M2 101993, MT, Army Service Corps, 265 Company, 2 Section, Attached, 46th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, British Expeditionary Force, France.

Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915


M2 Private A Nightingale, MT, Army Service Corps, after thanking Mr W H Breare for the Herald, says : We still are having very rough weather here, rain and slush. It's enough to give a saint the pip. I have met one or two of the Harrogate boys. They seemed to be in the best of health and merry. I know them by sight, but I forget their names, as I have not worked round Harrogate for several years. There is a young chap here that comes from the old town, Bombardier C H Smith, 46146, Royal Garrison Artillery, 46th Siege Battery, BEF. He used to live in Mayfield Grove, and would like to have your paper, as I have not always the chance to give him mine with having to move about a lot. I am attached to his battery, driving what we call a cabbage eater - a machine for pulling heavy loads. Well, think that is all this time. Wishing your paper every success, and you and your staff a merry Xmas and happy and prosperous New Year.

Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Lance Corporal Alfred Nightingale, ASC, sends me word that Private Smith, Belmont Avenue, Harrogate, has been killed and buried at Howbeamy. Also that Fred Nightingale has had a photograph taken of the grave, and had it sent to the War Office.


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