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R Nutton

Harrogate Herald - 11th October 1916

Information has been received that Corporal Robert Barrett, son of Mrs Barrett, of Electric Avenue, New Park, Harrogate, has been killed in action on September 29th. Before enlisting Corporal Barrett was
employed by the Harrogate Road Car Co. His mother had received the following letter :

Dear Mrs Barrett, I am sorry to let you know that Robert was killed last Tuesday night, the 29 August. He was well liked, and I shall miss him, as I was on his team. I share my deepest sympathy with you. Many a
time have he and I talked of home. But God's will be done. He has given all for his King and country, and done his duty as a soldier would. I thought it my duty to let you know, as it is an anxious time for all.
Our officer will lose a good NCO, I can tell you. I expect you will hear from our officer later, and he will tell you more about him. He was buried behind the line, and the chaplain read the prayers. You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your only son. 

I am, yours faithfully, R Nutton

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