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J Oakley


Harrogate Herald - 17th January 1917


Writing to Mr J R Ogden, acknowledging receipt of Xmas parcel, Private A Harrison says : 

I see by the Herald you have done the same for several other chaps, a lot of whom, I am pleased to state, I know personally, and to say further were old chums together at Oatlands Mount under Mr Wilde. I may state I have been invalided home twice now - once last year, 1915, from the Dardanelles, and this time from Salonica. In all my travels I have only met two chaps from the old town - one called J Oakley, from Oatlands Mount, and another from Starbeck, but, unfortunately, I forget his name. I often see letters in the local paper from lads at the various theatres of war, and I feel pleased to know of their welfare, although I have been unable to communicate with them. I think Fritz is on his last legs, and, no doubt, will soon "throw up the sponge". Anyhow, time will tell. I sincerely hope you and your family are keeping well. Personally, I am going on nicely under the circumstances. My complaint is rather a slow one. Once more thanking you.


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