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Dvr Oddy


Harrogate Herald - 22nd December 1915

"Four Stickers" say : 

I am just taking the liberty of thanking you very much for paper, which you are so good in sending to us boys. You don't know how it cheers us up to read news of the "old town". It is a grand thing to see the photo page and to see how Harrogate is nobly sending her boys to do their duty as a soldier and a man, and when all is over and we are spared we shall be able to look anybody in the face and say, "Well, I did my bit in the Great War". I hope all young men medically fit will be able to say it. The weather out here is bitterly cold, but we are sticking it with a good heart. I think it will tell on some of us boys that stuck it last winter. There are four Harrogate boys here along with myself that have stuck from the beginning, but have had near ones; but we are alive today to tell the tale. We four Harrogate boys all send you our deepest sympathy in losing Mr Ackrill. I was real pleased when I had the pleasure of thanking you personally for the paper when I was on leave. Well, I must stop, and I am just going to have a "tuck in", having just received a parcel. So the "Four Stickers" will wish you and the staff a happy Xmas and a bright New Year. Yours sincerely :

Driver R E Robinson

Driver Meyers

Driver Oddy

Driver Wilkinson


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