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Private Farrer Oldfield


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915


Gallipoli, November 9th, 1915

Thanks very much for the letters and papers, which afforded much interesting reading. I have not received and Heralds yet. I can't think where they have gone to. Tom and Robert get them regularly they tell me. I had a letter from Tom, in which he said he had heard from Robert and you. He is keeping well, and just now he has got a job on the beach looking after stores. I did not get to see Robert again. I have heard from him, and he is keeping fit. As you will note by the above address, I am back on the peninsular. I have been sapping most of the time. Things are pretty quiet now, but I suppose there will be something doing shortly. As regards smokes, I don't indulge much, but a few would be very acceptable.

Your loving brother, Farrer.


Harrogate Herald - 5th May 1989

In loving memory of a dear father and grandpa Farrar, died May 2, 1970, and a dear mother and gran, Ada, died May 5, 1983. Still in our thoughts - Love from all the family.


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