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Robert Oldfield


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915


HMS Lord Nelson, 18th October, 1915

I know you will be greatly interested to hear that I had the pleasure of seeing Farrer last week. One of our bluejackets brought a note from him saying he was in a rest camp. I went ashore to see him. I had to walk over ten miles before I came to where the Australians are. We had a good yarn, although the time was very short, as I was in a hurry to get on board. He came back with me three or four miles. I then managed to pick up with a French ammunition cart, which saved me a long tramp back. Farrer looks very well, although so changed that I would not have recognised him if he had not been pointed out to me. Tom is on the peninsula somewhere. I shall probably have the good fortune to see him later. Many thanks for the papers, etc.

Your loving brother, Robert


HMS Lord Nelson, 22nd November, 1915

Tom and Farrer are both on the peninsular once more. Tom is in the trenches now. The other day a bomb exploded and he stopped a few bits with his leg and shoulder, but did not get damaged very much. We are now having our first touch of winter out here. We get some awful weather in the Eastern Mediterranean in winter. They will be having a chilly time of it at Anzac. With love to yourselves and best wishes to all relations and friends.

Your loving brother, Robert.


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