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W Outhwaite


Harrogate Herald - 20th September 1916


W Outhwaite, writing from K Ward, 27a Military Hospital, Killingbeck Section, Leeds, says : 

Just a few lines as I promised to let you know I am going on as well as can be expected, but I am still in bed. It is a very tiresome job this laying in bed, but it is only like us soldiers, always grumbling. You will see by the above address how fortunate I have been in getting so near home. I have just been reading about my old school pal, Don Bell, in this week's Herald, and was very sorry to hear when I got your paper a few weeks back in France that he had been taken away from us all, and Mrs Bell has my deepest sympathy in her great loss. We were both members of the YMCA, and went to St Peter's School, and you have no idea how proud I feel of my old school chums as both the VC winners were my old school pals, and I am sure our old schoolmaster, Mr Andrews, must feel proud of them too, but fate has taken poor Don away from us all. I am very sorry he was not spared to enjoy the honour he so nobly won. I think this is all this time. Wishing you and the paper that makes many a dull hour into bright ones to the lads out in France the best of luck.


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