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Private J Padgett


Harrogate Herald - 20th January 1915

Private J Padgett, of the 5th Division Cycling Company, who before rejoining his old regiment, the King's Own Royal Borderers, in Ireland in August at the outbreak of the war, from which he transferred, was employed at the Harrogate Post Office. Writing to his aunt, Mrs Ward, at Pannal, he says :

Dear Aunt, I have just received your letter and parcel yesterday. I was just going out for the night to see if they were still hanging on, or if ewe could find any spies, and not such a pleasant job I can tell you. Well, I must thank you very much for your kindness, also Mr ---. The gloves are lovely and warm - just the thing. Thank Ernest for the tobacco. My two chums and I enjoyed it the following morning. Thanks for the slip of paper. I saw the West Riding Regiment last night just coming out of the trenches and I shouted out in the dark, but I was informed that he had gone on in front; but another Bradford man recognised my voice, an old schoolboy. I was pleased to see him. Yew, it was on the retirement that I saw poor Joe; he did look bad. I couldn't see myself, nor didn't want to. Well, I had just turned up after a week. I had been tramping for three days, but the infantry had to tramp the whole way. I had a bike from Mons to Le Cateau; it was there we lost the bikes. They let us get so far, then they started two machine guns trained on the road, so we had to take hedge and dyke for it, leaving two bikes behind. I have been in a few warm corners since, and am getting used to it now. It is nothing for us to be missing for a few days. Some of them did turn up later, but I can account for a few poor fellows who will never turn up. I have been as near as to hear them talk, but I am one of the lucky ones, and the few that is still left keep smiling, but there is not a man of us who has --- well --- for we were five days under shell fire. . well, my dear auntie, I hope this letter will find you in the best of health. I am A1 myself, so I now close.

From your loving nephew, Jim.

[Editor : No doubt the blanks are the work of the Censor]


Harrogate Herald - 27th January 1915

Photo - Private J Padgett of the 5th Cycle Corps, to which he transferred after going to the front from the King's Own Royal Borderers, was a Reservist, and rejoined his old regiment in Ireland on August 3rd. before this he was employed at the Harrogate Post Office, and prior to that in the Government's service at Pannal and Birstwith. He went through the Boer War. A letter from him appeared in our last issue.


Claro Times - 30th July 1915

Private Fred Lancaster, formerly engaged at the Harrogate Post Office, who is 'Somewhere in Belgium', expressing his thanks to a Harrogate friend for a parcel of good things, says : "I couldn't talk to you if you were here now, because I've got a fine big chunk of toffee in my mouth. I saw Herbert Watson as recently as last Sunday. He had been talking to Britton, and had seen J Padgett, who was well. Currie is the only other one I've come across. Wally Franks is here with us, and is quite well. Herbert has been off sick with hay fever for a week, but was about right again...................


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

The following write : "I am quite well. I have received the papers. Letter follows at first opportunity", or express thanks for the Herald :

Gunner F Padgett

J Padgett


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

Soldier's PCs

The following write : "I am quite well. I have received the Heralds. letter follows at first opportunity"

J Padgett


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917


Private J Padgett writes : I have great pleasure in acknowledging parcel received yesterday (April 14th). I asked or a razor and socks just before going into action, and I must say I was pleased to find the things waiting for me on returning. Many thanks to Mr H Ryder for razor received, which goes well. The first time was a fairly good trial, having a five day's growth on. I also wish to thank Mrs Kelley for the socks received. One pair I gave to my chum, as he hadn't a pair to change. I am pleased to say the weather is a bit brighter today, for the few days we had chasing Fritz were very rough, nothing but sleet and snow. This was all against us and made things very unpleasant, but I am pleased to say I have pulled through once more and am feeling quite well. Thanking you once more for your kindness.

2nd AM J Wilcockson says : I see by the Herald that my chum, J Padgett, has been on a month's leave. I should be very much obliged if you could give me his address, as I have not heard from him for some time. It's very hot again out here, also a few sandstorms now and again, and flies - "Whew!". I enclose photo of Turkish prisoners passing through Cairo. Trusting this finds you well and wishing your interesting paper, for which I thank you, every success. PS - Met a Harrogate chap the other evening. He worked at Mr Clarke's, James Street, so had a good chat about the old town.

(We have Private J Padgett's address, but unfortunately the writer does not enclose his address, otherwise we could have let him have the address by return post. We are not allowed to publish them in the paper, so will Wilcockson send us his address - Ed)


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