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Sergeant A Palmer


Harrogate Herald - 24th February 1915

W H Breare letter

The Harrogate boys who are in training at York, in company with their detachment, are to be moved south this week. One step nearer the front, Egypt, or somewhere else. The last location is the only one we are permitted to be sure of. The boys are glad to go. Rogers and Palmer, two of the chaps who enlisted from our works, came in to see me the other day bursting with bully beef and general health. I was glad to hear that their little lot all passed the shooting tests, at the Knaresborough range, in a week. Robinson, who used to help make the blocks for the pictures in the Harrogate Herald, is in the same migratory group, and he is off likewise. "AAJ", who has written those amusing sketches of soldier life in the Harrogate Herald, I fancy, is of the same contingent.


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

Private A Palmer writes : 

13th November 1915. Just a line to let you know how sorry I am to hear of poor Mr Ackrill's death. I saw the account in the paper which I have been receiving so regularly until I was sent to hospital. The men will be very sorry to loose him, as he was such a good sort. I see it was a very big funeral, and there were plenty of flowers, not forgetting those from the firm. I wish us boys out here could have contributed to the wreaths and also would have liked to have been there. He will be missed by the Tommies very much, as he helped them by subscribing for things for our comforts. The weather at present is awful - big gales. I expect the trenches will be awful. Robinson and I are both down at the base and will be joining our regiments with the next draft. I hope you and the firm are in the best of health and plenty of work in. you will see by the address that we have a YM out here. It is very nice for us after we have finished work. Now I think this is all, as it is time for lights out. We are in tents and the gales keep blowing them over, so you can tell what it is like. My mother wishes to join in with our deepest sympathy, and wishing you every success.


Harrogate Herald - 9th January 1918

W H Breare letter

One of the boys on our staff, who enlisted a long time ago, was Palmer, an apprentice. I am pleased to tell you that he has won the Military Medal. He was always one of those nice, steady boys, who was so quiet you don't suspect how much they have in them. Nevertheless, I am not a bit surprised at the honour come to him.

Military Honours

Sergeant A Palmer, who has been awarded the Military Medal, was an apprentice in Ackrill's composing room before enlisting, and resided with his stepfather, Mr ????, Grove Park Lane. When war broke out he was most eager to join the Colours, and though under age, ?????? at the recruiting office, but was rejected. His enthusiasm was of the kind not easily subdued, and a few ??????? saw him clad in khaki. He was a keen sportsman, a smart ??? built youth, and by his zeal and ????tent work he steadily rose to his present rank. He was invalided home from France for an operation to his ??est, and after a brief period in ?????, after convalescence returned out to the Front, where he won the distinction already referred to, and w?????????ends feel sure will be well ????. we congratulate him on his ????, and trust he may rise to ????? honour. Sergeant Palmer has a brother, four step-brothers, and a brother-in-law serving with the Colours. His brother is in Salonica, and a step-brother in Mesopotamia, and two others are in France. Two of them belong to the Regular Army.


Sergeant A Palmer writes

I received your most welcome gift the day after Xmas. I was pleased to see you had not forgotten me in a Derbyshire regiment. There is only me left out of all the lot which were transferred. I have met many pals I know, and two of them two days before Xmas. They relieved us. One was T Tyreman and the other W Fence. I expect the firm [He worked for Ackrills] has changed a great deal since I last paid a visit. The only chance of getting the news of my pals is through the old paper, which I get sent out each week. I spent my Xmas Day on the march, but hope to have a better New Year. I am very pleased to tell you I have been awarded the Military Medal. Wishing the firm and Herald the best of luck and a prosperous New Year. PS. Please remember me to all my workmates.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

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Military Medal - Sergeant A Palmer, West Yorks, attached Derbyshire Regiment, of grove Park Lane, Harrogate, has been awarded the Military Medal.

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