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G Palmer


Harrogate Herald - 24th January 1917


W Tipling says : 

I must not forget to tell you that the last two weeks I have received two copies each week for the same date. I think it must be that two people have my address on their list. Not that two are no use, because there are about a dozen chaps along with me from Harrogate and district, and they all rush to me for it. So would you be so kind as to put G Palmer on your list for a Herald. He is the same address as mine. Well, we are having very nice weather just now. We see plenty of excitement every day. Only today enemy aeroplanes passed over and the guns in the vicinity were peppering at them. They were travelling at a great height and speed, and got away. Again thanking you for the good paper that enables us to spend a few happy hours. Wishing you and your paper every success in the coming year.

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