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Quarter Master Sergeant S Pattison


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Letters received from our soldiers :

S Pattison


Harrogate Herald - 30th August 1916

Writing to his sister-in-law, Mrs D S Bell, Corporal "Billy" Bell sends copy of a letter from the OC 9th Yorks Regiment, in which his brother Donald was, which will be of interest to our readers. It states : 

"In reply to your letter of the 2nd August, Royal Engineers your brother Second Lieutenant Donald Simpson Bell, who was killed on July 10th, he is buried in Cantalmaison, near Albert, on the right-hand side just as one enters the village. I can see no harm in giving you this information now, as we are far away from there. He was buried close to where he fell, and there is a redoubt close there called 'Bell's Redoubt' after him. He was a noble soldier and a braver fellow never stepped, and he is an irreparable loss to the Battalion". During the week, continues Corporal Bell, a Sergeant of the Royal Field Artillery accosted me, and it turned out to be Pattison, but although he knew me I did not recognise him. Had no time for a chat, as I was with a large fatigue party marching.


Harrogate Herald - 1st August 1917

Roll of Honour

Mrs Pattison, 25 Tower Street, Harrogate, has received telegrams stating that her son QMS S Pattison, was seriously wounded on the 21st ult., after serving in France since the beginning of the war. Until recently he has been in the RFA, but a short time ago was transferred to the Heavy Trench Mortar Battery. The following are copies of the two telegrams she has received, and on Saturday she had a letter from one of the nursing staff at Rouen saying they are now hopeful of his recovery : "Regret to inform you that 63207, QMS S Pattison, RFA, is dangerously ill at 2 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, France, suffering from shell wound, face and scalp. Permission to visit cannot be granted". 


Harrogate Herald - 29th August 1917

Quarter Master Sergeant S Pattison, Royal Field Artillery, of Tower Street, Harrogate, has been brought to the Kingston War Hospital, Leicester.

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