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Corporal J R Peveler


Harrogate Herald - 24th January 1917


Private J R Peveler writes : 

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the Herald yesterday (January 13th), also the Wednesday before, which, amongst other papers from home, I always enjoy. In future, if you do not hear from me, you will know that I am getting the paper safely, but in the event of not receiving it, or supposing I move into new quarters, I would immediately let you know. Wishing you in your excellent work and your paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917


Corporal J R Peveler says : 

Your excellent paper has come to hand regularly, and always contains a harvest of information. I was very sorry to see amongst the casualties the name of Lieutenant Strother. It is very sad, being only a short time since he won the Military Cross. Have you any Harrogate boys on your list stationed at APO 4? If so, I should be very pleased to meet them, for I have not come across more than one fellow so far.


Harrogate Herald - 7th November 1917

W H Breare letter

Corporal J R Peveler, ASC, called on Saturday. He has been located in Calais for ten months, doing useful work there because he is unfit for the line. He has been out 11 1/2 months, and is the youngest son of Mr Peveler, accountant, of Harrogate. Before the war the corporal assisted his father in his business. His eldest brother, R A Peveler, has been discharged from the Army, whilst another brother, W A Peveler, is ineligible. Peveler looked very bright and happy, and admitted frankly that it was a joy to be home. There are no Harrogate lads with him, so he appreciates the Herald all the more. He went back on Sunday.


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